Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BarkWorld Expo

doze of u who haf known me fur a while nose dat i am all about pawpawty - and yes, i will admit dat i am a raving fan of @frugaldougal, CDO of so i wuz very excited to learn dat hiz staff iz gonna be a keynote speaker at Barkworld Expo. now i will admit dat it duzn't seem fair cuz Dougal duz all da work and hiz staff gets all da credit. but mai mom got to meet her at BlogPaws 2010, and let me tell u - dis lady haz a passion fur pets! so if ur staff iz interested in learning more about how to help anipals using social media, tell dem to attend BarkWorld Expo in August. u can follow BarkWorld Expo on twitter and facebook.


  1. We think Frugal has a pretty amazing human, she goes to these events (and we know how far it is for her!) and helps so many anipals... hats off to Dougal and Dougalmummy!

  2. Frugal and his staff are amazing for sure. Wish we'd get the chance to meet dem some time. (sigh)