Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rosie Cat

i received sum very sad news today dat mai dear furend Rosie Cat (aka @MedusaJ) passed away dis morning. Rosie wuz a bewtiful 13 year old Tortie Goddess who lived in da UK. she wuz da queen of her house, and she had lots of twitter and facebook furends. mai heart goes out to Rosie's mom and her family. she will be greatly missed. xoxo BJC


  1. Oh... oh... we hadn't heard, I can't believe she's gone :(:( The bridge has a new angel, but too soon for poor sweet Rosie. We hope her humans are ok.

  2. A sad day for all who knew and loved her! She will be missed!

  3. That you for a lovely post BJ. We'll all miss Rosie. So full of life and always making us laugh. Our thoughts & prayers are with her mama now. May be know she has lots of friends grieving with her.

  4. BJC thank you so so much for your lovely words.
    I am completely devastated & all the kindness from you and the anipals has overwhelmed me, you have all given me so many beautiful words to read about my precious Rosie.
    I cannot believe there will be no more midnight demands for food, no more noisy protests when I talk on the phone but most of all no more cuddles with my sweet Rosie.