Wednesday, June 2, 2010


one of mai gud furends lives in a wunderful land far, far away called New Zealand. hiz name iz d'Artagnan Rumblepurr, and he iz a very handsome mancat who lives wif hiz brofur Inigo Flufflebum. Rumbles iz quite da ladies' man and haz been known to flirt wif all da pretty kittehs, so i wuzn't surprised to see dat he has entered New Zealand's Next Top Cat Model. i fink he wud be perfect fur da job - but he needs our help to do sum fundraising. please consider making a small donation to benefit Wellington Cats Protection League and help mai furend achieve hiz goal. rumor haz it der may even be sum kisses involved fur da girl kittehs!


  1. Thank you SO much Miss Bunny Jean! You've brightened all our days with this lovely post, and with your kindness :)

  2. It was a pleasure to donate to my buddy's worthy cuase. He's always there for us, so we need to be there for him.