Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Debbie Eades

today's spechul pal iz Debbie Eades (@debeades). Debbie iz da dog mom to Wookie and Bugs, and a volunteer wif many dog transport groups on da interwebs. she iz also da author of Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale: Stories from the Dog Rescue Railroad. itz da first book written about transporting dogs to save dem from death, and all profits frum da book go to dog rescues and shelters! u can follow Debbie on twitter, facebook, and her bloggy.


  1. What a great human Deb is to be rescueing all those doggies.

  2. Debbie is wonderful! Fanx for posting dat on da web bout it Bunny Jean! xxxx

  3. I just saw this, Bunny, and I cant thank you enough for the kind words. I LOVE saving the doggies...and we recently saved a stray kitty in our neighborhood. We love ALL the anipals!!