Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Dog is Cool

dis week's Be the Change for Animals challenge is My Dog is Cool by United Animal Nations. every year, dogs suffer and die inside cars during da summer heat. cooler morning temps can rise quickly while dog owners run der errands. leaving a dog fur just a few minutes can lead to a tragic, entirely preventable death. here's wat u can do to help: 1) print fliers and place dem on da windshields of cars, 2) offer posters fur display in stores, 3) write a letter to da editor of ur local paper, 4) link ur bloggy to My Dog is Cool, and 5) make a pledge to keep ur dog cool. if u see a dog in heat distress, call da local animal control agency, police or 911 right away. it can take only 10 minutes fur a dog suffer deadly heat stroke!

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