Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Save This Pup

hey gang - dis week's BtC4Animals challenge iz Save This Pup. dey r creating a fabulous new website so peeps can sponsor shelter dogs across da country —providing funds to feed dem, keep a roof over der heads, and make sure dey gets da care dey needs until dey find der furever homes. here's how u can help: 1) follow Save This Pup on facebook and twitter, den keep ur eyes peeled fur info about online fundraising campaigns dat will cost u nofing but a few clicks. 2) join da YouTube video campaign to “Get STP on the Ellen Show” - create ur own video and send it in. 3) download Save This Pup’s logo and snap a pichure of it wif da pup u saved. u can upload it to STP’s facebook page or send it via email. u can do any or all of dez to help Save This Pup get off to a grate start!