Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fail Whale Cruise

join us dis weekend on twitter fur da September pawpawty - dis month's theme iz da Fail Whale Cruise! we'll be visiting lots of bewtiful locations, and hopefully da dreaded fail whale will kick back and relax. our charity iz da Oldies Club, a UK organization dat spechulizes in rescuing and rehoming older dogs. so get ur cruise gear and bring ur harpoons just in case. da fun starts on Saturday, September 4 at 2 pm eastern. u can rsvp using twtvite. see u der!


  1. oh bunnyjean that iz teh funniest owtfit evar, you look fab!

  2. Oh BJ - dat is such a cute outfit. I loves it.

  3. Whale you sure look terrific! See you at the pawty!