Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Never Shock a Puppy

dis week's Be the Change for Animals challenge iz Never Shock a Puppy, a campaign dat promotes humane alternatives to pain-driven dog collars and punitive dog training methods. dis challenge, held by da Humane Society of Boulder Valley CO, will advertise and hold area events to trade humane collars/harnesses wif people who turn in der choke/shock/pinch collars. da money raised frum dis campaign will buy roughly 165 replacement dog collars or harnesses.

here's wat u can do to help: 1) post da Never Shock a Puppy badge on ur bloggy, 2) blog about dis campaign, 3) share da links on twitter and facebook, 4) join da conversation on da Never Shock a Puppy blog, and 5) post da donation widget on ur bloggy. itz dat easy to help make peeps aware dat dog training shud be a fun, positive experience - not a power struggle.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much, Bunny Jean, for posting about our Be the Change campaign. We sure hope we can help out some dogs in our community. We'd appreciate if your bunny friends and bunny-loving friends would donate a little of their pocket change to help us reach our fund-raising goal.