Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zooh Corner

It's rare for me to do two posts in one day, but one of my favorite rabbit rescues is in dire need of help, so I decided to do my Blog the Change post today. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill rabbit welfare organization based in San Gabriel, CA. Their mission is threefold: to rescue, treat, spay/neuter and place rabbits that have been abused, neglected, injured or dumped; to educate the public on rabbit health care and needs; and to stop the irresponsible breeding and selling of rabbits.

Because they are a no-kill organization, they are able to spend as much time as needed with each rabbit, getting to know its special personality and taking care of each bunny's individual needs. However, Zooh Corner is in an EMERGENCY SITUATION - they are completely full at this time, and they continue to receive more rabbits everyday! They desperately need people who are willing to foster a rabbit or two. You can help by contacting Cat Logson at zoohgirl@gmail.com and by forwarding this information to anyone else who may be interested in helping. Thank you for your assistance.


  1. I was surprise to see about 4 bunnies at our local animal shelter also. Wish more peeps would get all their anipals spayed and neutered.

  2. We hope they find fosters to help with the overflow. It's sad there are so many in need of a home.