Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wabbit Wednesday - Meet Sienna

Sienna is a 3 pound Netherland Dwarf available for adoption at the House Rabbit Network in Woburn, MA. Born in July, Sienna is a very smart and sweet young girl. She enjoys playing with her toys and with the two cats in her foster home.

Sienna doesn't mind staying in her cage when no one is around to supervise her, but she loves to spend as much time as possible exploring. Outside of the cage she enjoys running and hopping around the room as fast as possible and napping next to the heater.

Sienna also enjoys spending time reading and watching TV with her foster parents. Although she is not a snuggler, she loves a good pet and lots of attention. She has great litter box habits both in and outside of her cage.

If you're looking for that special bunny, this little girl could be the right one for you! For more information on Sienna and other adoptable rabbits, please visit the House Rabbit Network website or


  1. i fink ur right - cats and bunnies get along fine!

  2. Aww, what a sweetheart. I wish M would get me a bunny to love.

  3. maybe Santa Paws will bring you a bunny buddy for Christmas!

  4. What a beautiful bunny!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. I love her! I used to have Netherland Dwarves. They're tied for my favorite breed - they have more color varieties than any other breed of rabbit.

  6. Fanks Oskar & Amy/Layla - i hopes she finds her furever home soon. xoxo