Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Tilly

This week's Be the Change for Animals challenge is Free Tilly. Tilly is a 22-foot, 12,000-pound killer whale who has lived in captivity for the last 25 years and spends his days performing tricks for audiences. In the wild, killer whales travel around 150-200kms every day. In captivity, they live in pools barely big enough to hold them.

In 2010, Tilly attacked and killed his trainer. Animal Defenders International (ADI) claims that the tragic attack is an indication of the killer whale’s frustration in a severely deprived environment. ADI states that the use of wild animals in captivity causes psychological suffering and extreme physical and mental effects.

ADI needs your help to ensure that Tilly gets rehabilitation so he might be able to go free. They are urging people to express their disapproval for the use of killer whales as entertainment in theme parks by signing this pledge. You can also help by sharing the link on your blog, facebook profile and twitter.


  1. I signed. Thanks for sharing.

    Pip & Kristin

  2. We tweeted.

    Winnie and the Lady Of The House

  3. so sad. i heard one of the filmmakers responsible 'the cove' who had been a former employee of marine theme park, say that he believes one of the captive dolphins there committed suicide.