Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This week's Be the Change for Animals cause is StreetZaps, a non-partisan initiative organized and led by Blair Sorrel to reduce the risk of injury and fatality from contact voltage shock or electrocution resulting from damaged or tampered wiring.

In 2001, Blair read about how a leaking lamp post killed an innocent dog named Zorro in New York City. After reading this disturbing news, she recognized the pervasive danger of voltage hazard to pedestrians and their pets. Her advocacy began by posting a simple "Watch Where You Walk Your Dog" flyer. This outreach effort would evolve later evolve into StreetZaps.com.

According to StreetZaps, any metal object can deliver a shock including lamp posts, fire hydrants, manhole covers, pay phones, scaffolding, automated entrances, ATMs, and unmarked metal plates. Moisture increases the risk of shock while salt increases conductivity. Dog urine contains both.

Protect yourself and your dog by watching where you walk. Avoid tying your dog’s leash to – or elimination on – a lamp or any metal post. Avoid moving toward metal and walk instead toward wood, plastic and other non-conductive items. Avoid rubber dog booties, which retain conductive moisture. Avoid conductive ice melt products. Avoid leashes and collars with metal parts.

Learn more about this issue and help spread the word by visiting the StreetZaps Safety Page. You can also download the StreetZaps flyer and share the link on your blog, facebook profile or twitter. Help reduce the risk of outdoor shocks to pedestrians and their pets!


  1. Thanks you for posting on this terribul isshew BJC, efurry year pore lil doggies gets deaded from these shocking metal thingies an its vary sad. If peepul lives in teh city areas they mite want to put rubber boots on the lil doggies when they go walkies.

  2. Very interesting post BJ. I never realized this was a problem.

  3. Furry interesting infurmation..Pandie's idea re boots fur doggies makes sense

  4. I remember reading about Zorro. So sad. :(

    Great post to warn pet owners about the dangers of electric shock on the street. I've heard of people getting shocked too.

  5. Pandy & Gabby - while rubber booties would seem like good idea, here is what is mentioned on the StreetZaps safety page:

    "Booties that protect against voltage are still a concept rather than a practical option. Any safe product will require much research and development before they can insulate any pooch. Even if waterproof and with sturdy linings, what happens to the booties with rigorous usage portends the greatest risk to any dog."