Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt-the-Internet Day - Meet Patty

Today is the day that adorable, adoptable animals take over the internet! In honor of their 15th birthday, Petfinder is asking people everywhere to help spread the word online about adoptable pets.

Here's how you can help:
  • Add the Adopt-the-Internet badge to your website.
  • Take the pledge to tell one person about pet adoption.
  • Donate your facebook status and photo to an adoptable pet.
  • Share an adoptable pet on twitter using the hashtag #adopttheinternet.
  • Add a link to your blog, facebook profile, or twitter post.

The lovely lady I'm adopting today is Patty from the San Diego House Rabbit Society. She is a sweet girl who is still waiting for a forever family. She's been adopted twice before but was given up each time, through no fault of her own.

Patty is very tired of going back and forth from home to home. She wants and needs a permanent living situation in a quiet adult home.  She might do okay in a home with older, bunny-experienced children as long as it's a quiet, stable family.

If you have room in your heart and your home for this sweet girl, please contact the San Diego House Rabbit Society. For more adoptable pets, please visit the Adopt-the-Internet All-Stars gallery on Petfinder.com.


  1. O hai! I like bunnies. :) I hope ur friend has a nice new home very soon. :)

    I is adopted too. Whee! :) Adopt the Internet Day is really good. Thanks!

  2. Go, Patty! Hope you get your home soon. Thanks for the information about Adopt the Internet Day - we can all accomplish so much with this!

  3. I'm really glad you wrote about this adoptable bunny. Most people think of cats or dogs as Petfinder adoptables, so it's great that you introduced us to Patty! Thanks for caring so much about the animals in all of your posts...!

  4. I agree with Hilary! I was sooooo happy to see a bunny "representing!!"

    Here's to Bunny hoppin' on over to her furever home!!


  5. BJ - I do hope dat sweet adorable bunny finds a forever home. There are so many great anipals out there waiting to be adopted - bunnies included.

  6. You sure are a cutie Patty and I hope that purrfect forever home is looking at you right now!

  7. fanks everyone for stopping by to meet Patty. i hope she and lots of other great pets on Petfinder finder der forever homes! xoxo