Friday, April 8, 2011

A Rant about Rants

This post will not win me any friends - and in fact I may lose a few - but it's something that's been on my mind for a while.

I've noticed that some of my dearest online friends have been using their blogs as a platform to rant. Not about big, earth-shattering things that really matter - but about small, little, picky stuff.

Things like you didn't spell my name right. You didn't personalize your email. Your approach was all wrong.

Or maybe it's about the misconception that all pet bloggers are over 50 crazy cat ladies who wear beige cardigans. Whatever...

Now I realize that it's been a long winter, and many of us are still weeks away from seeing warm weather or anything green. We're tired, we're worn-out, and we're cranky.

But come on folks - is this the best we can do?

The people I love are the ones I remember from BlogPaws - the ones who are fired-up, motivated, and committed to Being the Change! So let's reach deep and see if we can find that again within ourselves.

And remember - I love you guys! xoxo


  1. Yeah! Remember our mission! Making animals' lives better! Woo hoo!

  2. Guess my computer(s) going on the fritz recently was good timing. Haven't been surfing as much as usual, so I haven't seen the gripes so much.

    I always say, if you are going to complain, you need to offer solutions. We can all figure out a problem to gripe about. Coming up with solutions is tougher but moves us forward.

    I hate to say it, though. I think the the only solution to my misspelling names is forgiveness. *sheepish*

  3. I just had an offline conversation with a colleague who pointed out that some of these posts are about pet bloggers wanting to being treated with the same respect as other types of bloggers. She stated out that pet bloggers are the "new" mommy bloggers, and I agree!

    But I think the best way to communicate that message is with numbers (because I'm a former accountant). Spending in the pet industry is going up during a recession. That speaks volumes!

    I apologize if I have offended any of my pet fellow bloggers. I love this community, and I have learned so much by being a part of it.

  4. whew!!!! It wasn't me!!! I just talk about a whole bunch of NOTHING!!! MOL!!


  5. he he -I don't even know what you are talking about cuz I hasn't noticed any of that in the bloggies I follow. Sorry that is happening. Kinda of takes the fun and purpose out of blogging when that happens.

  6. Well said, and be sure to let us know if we get too picky or 'ranty'!

    On that note, I should officially invite you and your readers to our latest cause: Next weekend while I'm playing on this hop, I'll also be hosting one at my blog. I'd love to have you join in to help homeless bunny friends find furever homes. Check it out

  7. Luckily, most blogger buddies are incredibly supportive. I do think you've posted a good reminder that sometimes words may come across as more negative or critical than the writer intended.


  8. Good reminder. Mom has been known to post when she is ticked off about something, but she tries to make sure it isn't personal. Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded to keep it from being about "me" or "you" and keep it about being BETTER!!

  9. I agree with Vicki, about backing up our argument with facts. I recently pitched a company's blogger program normally reserved for "mommy bloggers." My remarks about why pet bloggers should be considered was backed up with numbers from, and a link out to, this press release from the APPA, which says pet industry spending is expected to exceed $50 billion in 2011.

    Hope it helps others --

  10. Well said! I try so hard to always say something positive, no matter what.