Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nominate for the Petties

If you've been following Bunny's Blog for a while, you know that my passion is helping animals.  That's why I've focused my blog around animal shelters, rescue groups and other animal-related causes.

Another favorite blog is Be the Change for Animals. highlights one cause per week and provides information on how readers can help. Calls to action don’t require money or more than 15 minutes to complete and typically involve actions like signing a petition or participating in a letter-writing campaign.

I've supported this blog from its inception - first as a follower, then as a cause scout, eventually moving on to being a staff writer, and most recently as twitter liaison.  That's how much I believe in the mission of this blog.

So I'm asking you to consider nominating for the Petties, Dogtime's annual celebration recognizing excellence among animal-loving bloggers of all stripes. The Petties are the only awards nominated by, voted for and presented to individuals in the pet blogging community.

The best part? Winners are honored with a $500 donation to the shelter of their choice. If wins, we will donate the prize to Best Friends Animal Society, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals. 

Here's how you can help:
1.  Visit the Petties Nomination Page
2.  Nominate for Best Cause Related Blog
3.  Enter the following information - Name: Be the Change for Animals, URL:,
4.  Answer "Why should this blog win?" in 100 characters.

Thanks for all you do everyday to Be the Change for Animals!


  1. I think this blog should be entered also. You do a lot to help animal causes and a lot of people read it because they love BunnyJean.

  2. thank you CK - I appreciate that! xoxo

  3. I agree with CK - That award sounds like it was designed with you in mind.

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