Sunday, June 19, 2011

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Businesses across the country are adding kibble, chew toys and Frisbees to their office supply lists in preparation for the 13th annual celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWDay®) created by Pet Sitters International (PSI).

This Friday June 24, businesses, animal shelters and pet-care professionals will work together to better the lives of shelter dogs everywhere.  Thousands of businesses will open their doors to employees’ furry, four-legged friends on this day in celebration of the great companions dogs make and to promote pet adoption.

Since TYDTWDay’s inaugural celebration in 1999, America’s love affair with pets has grown to an all-time high, and there are more than 78 million dogs in 46.3 million households across the country.  During this same time, intake at animal shelters has also grown at a startling rate - with an estimated six to eight million cats and dogs entering shelters each year.

“From reducing stress levels to helping increase our physical activity, pets have been shown to enrich our lives in so many ways,” Patti Moran, PSI president said.  “TYDTWDay offers pet parents an opportunity to show off their dogs to co-workers and give back to the pet community by promoting a great cause - pet adoption.”

Pet Sitters International and its 2011 campaign partners encourage businesses, shelters and pet lovers interested in celebrating the event to visit to register, download a free 2011 TYDTWDay Action Pack, and enter the official 2011 TYDTWDay Photo Contest.


  1. I wish we had Take Your Dog to Work Day in my office. The day would be so much brighter!