Friday, August 12, 2011

Sex and the single pet owner

via PRNewswire: A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that pet owners have greater self-esteem than those without pets. They are more physically fit, less lonely, more conscientious, more socially outgoing and have healthier relationship styles.

"We know that singles take their relationships with their pets just as seriously as they do with their lovers," explains Kim Hughes, Singles and Dating Expert for "Now we are digging deeper to find out what our pets say about our personalities and how that can influence our relationships with two-legged creatures." recently polled singles about their furry friends and the results were eye-opening: 47% would ditch a lover if they didn't get along with their pet, 10% would consider shared custody of a pet after a relationship ended, and more than 60% of single men polled wouldn't kick Fido out of the bedroom even when getting intimate with a lover.

"We can tell a lot about a person not only from the type of pet they have but also where they acquired their pet," Hughes continues. "Here are some clues that singles can use to help decode potential paramours."

People who purchase pets from a pet store tend to be more impulsive, while people who buy from a breeder are more analytical. Those who rescue pets from shelters are known to be comfortable with risk and especially compassionate.

Since most large dogs need lots of exercise, owners of large breeds tend to be more active, outgoing and assertive. Small dog owners tend to be more detail-oriented, and some may even be neat freaks.

Cat lovers tend to be more independent and scholarly while dog owners have been found to be more conscientious, agreeable and extroverted.

"Having a pet requires a person be responsible and it is not always possible to do things on a whim, so don't count on the last-minute date or sleepover," explains Dr. Rachel Needle, Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist.

Other research suggests that there is a connection between the way a partner treats his pet and how he treats his significant other. Likewise, treating a potential mate as you would your animal can lead to a more successful relationship.

"If someone is kind and loving towards their pet, that is a good indication that they will likely be that way towards a lover as well," continues Dr. Needle. "However, be careful if your partner is too attached to their pet or if they treat their pet poorly. This can be a red flag!"

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  1. Very interesting study and all quite true...

  2. thats a grate article, thanks you!

  3. Loved this article. Very true. Except I'm too attached to my pets, hence why I choose to be single. They come first!