Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baskets for Bunnies Helps Bunnies in Need

Baskets for Bunnies, Inc. is a new nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide rabbit rescues with supplies so they can take in more abandoned bunnies.

Every year after Easter, bunnies purchased on impulse are dropped off at shelters or turned loose into the wild.

As rabbits become older, their needs increase and uninformed owners become too overwhelmed to care for them. Then rescue groups are burdened with providing care, as well as finding foster and permanent homes for them.

Baskets for Bunnies collects donations of food, supplies or money to aid these already overwhelmed rescues.

Less than a year ago, founder Gretta Parker adopted her rabbit Flopsy from a local shelter and created a Facebook page for him as a way to tell the public about the alarming number of rabbits that are bought and then abandoned each year.

On his page, she met several rescue groups that always go above and beyond their means to help abandoned rabbits. They inspired her to start her own nonprofit.

The long-term goal of Baskets for Bunnies is to bring awareness to the plight of so many rescue groups and bunnies.

If you are interested in learning more about Baskets for Bunnies and the rescues they support, please visit them at or find them on Facebook at

Image via: Baskets for Bunnies at PRWeb


  1. Hi Vicki! I just discovered your blog, so glad to meet you. This is such a wonderful idea, and I'm definitely going to check Baskets for Bunnies out. You have a fantastic blog and I'm looking forward to following.

  2. Hi Julie - thanks for stopping. I took a hop over to your blog too! Look forward to chatting with you here, there and on the BlogPaws community!

  3. OK. Who is that handsome bunny in your post!? LOL! That's an awesome pic... He looks like the Cokie the Cat of Bunnies! And I love the Baskets for Bunnies idea, too.


  4. Thank you so much for this, I am Gretta Parker the person who started Baskets for Bunnies. The white ball of fur is my son Flopsy Parker, he is our spokesbunny. He is on Facebook always causing chaos. This means so much to us and what we are trying to do.