Monday, September 12, 2011

USFWS Uses Tax Dollars to Declare War on Cats

via - Is U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service poised to start taking out cats by the thousands? Such a project would be inhumane, not to mention a waste of precious taxpayer dollars in a time of deficit reduction. But believe it or not, this covert war on cats is already being waged and USFWS will be recruiting with a presentation scheduled for a Hawaii conference this fall.

In early November, USFWS personnel are going on a junket to beautiful Hawaii to teach conventioneers how to stop Trap Neuter Return programs in their towns. The program for the Wildlife Society's annual conference states that USFWS folks will give a presentation that includes role-playing that can be used to defeat TNR programs across the nation.

And what is the USFWS method of choice to control community cats? Killing. That’s pretty unconscionable in this humane age, especially considering that catch-and-kill doesn’t work. If it did, we wouldn't have any community cats left by now.

Best Friends Animal Society is asking the USFWS to declare a truce in their war on cats and embrace trap, neuter and return programs to reduce the community cat population. Please sign the Best Friends petition today.

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Written by Ledy VanKavage


  1. Thanks for posting this - we put it up last week as well. Bad enough that people still have this attitude but it is somehow worse that the government wants to use my tax dollars to spread this stupid idea!

  2. Will do! TNR is working so well too. We have programs here to teach people how to do it. TW hardly ever sees a stray anymore.

  3. GASP - horrible news. I'll go right over now and sign.

  4. they wants to STOP TNR? Iz gonna go reed abowt this, it sownds stoopid. It must be hoomanz doin it then. Hissssssss

  5. oh noes, I red teh comments on that artikul. It wuz hoomanz an they iz horribulz.