Sunday, November 20, 2011

Help Spread the Word About Shelter Pets

The Shelter Pet Project is a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable!

The Shelter Pet Project is the result of a collaborative effort between two leading animal welfare groups, the Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund, and the leading producer of public service advertising (PSA) campaigns, the Ad Council.

Their mission is to eliminate the stereotype that there's something wrong with shelter pets and to make shelters the first choice and desired way for acquiring a companion animal, ultimately increasing the rate of animals adopted from shelters.

They do this by breaking down misconceptions surrounding shelter pets and communicating that “A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet. Be that person. Adopt.”

You can learn more about the Shelter Pet Project by visiting their website, liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter


  1. Thank you for posting this, I want to adopt them all! I will get this tweeted around, FBed etc.

  2. we loves this post!! We will share and tweet too. And Allie, as a shelter pet herself, sez shelter lets Are wonderful!!