Friday, November 4, 2011

People Saving Pets Introduces Volunteer Action Day

Are you passionate about pets and searching for a way to help local animal welfare organizations? Well look no further - next Tuesday, November 8 is Volunteer Action Day!

People Saving Pets introduces Volunteer Action Day to bring awareness about the volunteer needs of animal welfare organizations and to encourage the public to help pets by volunteering in their communities.

On November 8, People Saving Pets will encourage volunteers from all over the United States to visit their website to learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities at their local animal welfare organizations.

According to a recent PetSmart Charities survey, 97% of animal welfare organizations utilize volunteers. These volunteers help keep administrative costs down, allowing the organizations to use their funds to care for adoptable pets, which includes providing spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, food and more.

Specialized infographics developed for Volunteer Action Day show how volunteers help animal welfare organizations and help people understand what to expect when volunteering to help pets. Download the infographics and learn more at

People Saving Pets, empowered by PetSmart Charities, is a social movement dedicated to saving the lives of adoptable pets and solving the homeless pet problem by uniting pet lovers and inspiring local action.

There are many ways to get involved with the People Saving Pets Movement. PetSmart Charities encourages animal-lovers to volunteer, opt to adopt a pet, donate, spay or neuter their pets, or simply spread the word about the People Saving Pets movement.  


  1. I hope many people take the opportunity to do something for pets - so many homeless pets would not get the help they needed if it weren't for volunteers and what they do for them!

  2. people need to be told the truth about 'Kill shelters' healthy unloved & no longer wanted cats and dogs kittens and puppies are dying horribly daily in their hundreds throughout the USA by a cheap method - in gas chambers.Foster homes are needed badly to pull these pitiful fur babies out of these so called 'shelters' to give them a chance to find a forever loving home.- Kill shelters are nothing more than slaughter houses used by City Animal control, they give no mercy.

  3. I understand your concern about "kill shelters" and actually wrote a post in June about the situation at NY ACC:

    However, I do not want the people reading this blog post to be put off by that situation. There are plenty of No-Kill shelters and rescue groups out there that need volunteers. In fact, it is these rescue groups who pull animals out of high-kill shelters.

  4. Great post Vicki! Thanks!