Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shelter and Rescue Groups Receive Help From Pedigree Foundation

Via PRNewswire.com - PEDIGREE Foundation has announced the recipients of seven Innovation and 691 Operational Grants. Thanks to the generosity and donations from dog lovers across the country, the Foundation is proud to award a total of $750,000 to these selected local shelter and dog rescue groups. These one-time grants help fund creative programs and basic operating costs aimed at increasing dog adoptions and helping the more than four million homeless dogs find loving homes. In 2010 alone, PEDIGREE Foundation helped shelter and rescue groups give more than 80,000 dogs much needed comfort until they found their forever homes.

PEDIGREE Foundation Operational Grants were awarded to help alleviate the struggle shelters and rescues have to fund and provide the essential needs for dogs, including food, comfort, transportation and medical care. The 691 shelter and rescue groups will each receive $868 to help one dog at a time as they wait to find a loving home. Since 2008, PEDIGREE Foundation has distributed $4 million to thousands of organizations to help with their operational expenses.

For the second year, the Foundation is awarding $150,000 in Innovation Grants. These grants recognize shelters and rescues that are pioneering the industry with new ideas and efforts to help find dogs forever homes. Seven selected shelters will receive between $10,000 and $25,000 in grant money to fund their unique programs aimed at helping increase dog adoptions. Chosen out of almost 200 grant applications, these organizations truly demonstrate their ability to bring creative ideas to help improve adoption rates and the welfare of animals within their communities.

"We are grateful for the hard work shelters and rescues do every day," said Debra Fair, PEDIGREE Foundation president. "From community outreach to behavior programs, we're proud to award grants to aid in the adoption process that helps dogs find their forever homes."

For a complete list of 2011 Operation and Innovation Grant recipients, to make a donation or gather more information on PEDIGREE Foundation, visit www.PedigreeFoundation.org.

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