Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Posts of 2011

Today marks the second anniversary for Bunny's Blog.

The blog originally started as an extension of Follow Friday with BJC highlighting various friends and anipals that she followed on Twitter. Over time, it evolved into focusing on animals and animal-related causes. I suppose that has something to do with my own professional experience working for various nonprofit organizations for the past 17 years.

However, the biggest change this year was Bunny crossing over the Rainbow Bridge on June 7, 2011. About six months after I started the blog, I realized that Bunny was fading, and I needed to address the issue of whether I would continue the blog after she was gone - and if so, whose voice I would use.

I decided to continue the blog, but write in my own voice so I began transitioning in September 2010. At first, I wrote the posts and Bunny continued to respond to the comments. But eventually I transitioned fully so that by the time Bunny passed I was writing the posts and responding to comments in my own voice.

I decided to keep Bunny's Twitter account active for Pawpawty and Nipclub, but on a day-to-day basis I tweet as myself. I have also kept her Facebook page active, but again I use my own voice not hers. It was tough switching over - tougher still giving her up - but I am happy that she has introduced me to so many pet-loving people on Twitter, Facebook and here on Bunny's Blog.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Posts of 2011:
  1. Farewell to BJC
  2. Crazy Cat Lady Dating Video
  3. Herbie and Jabby - Puppy Love
  4. Big Cat Rescue Uses Live Rabbits As Prey
  5. Patrick the Miracle Dog
  6. Cat People vs. Dog People
  7. Peta Plans Porn Site
  8. Bunny World Foundation
  9. Sex and the Single Pet Owner
  10. Pet Rabbits Beneficial to Women's Health
Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Happy 2nd blogiversary! Congratulations, too, for all the good you've accomplished in your endeavors.
    We tip our hat to Bunny, too, for all she "did", not to mention how simply sweet and wonderful she was. Her spirit lives on through this blog, love you, Bunny!
    Wishing you the happiest of the New Year!

  2. How funny Vicki. I also did a top 10 (well, 11 in my case) list of blog posts I read over the past year. So many touching posts. I can't believe I didn't mention Farewell to BJC. I had forgotten how moved I was by your post.

    I didn't realize that your previous posts had been in Bunny's voice. I'll have to go back and read a few since I came onboard after you had started transitioning to your voice. Bunny has influenced a lot on your blog.

  3. Happy 2012 and Vicki. I miss BJC but I love that you kept this Blog going and I think it works so well in your voice too.
    Love the top posts.
    Happy New Year to you and yours and those Xmas tree kitty cats! hee hee oxox

  4. Happy 2012 dear friend. We are so happy you still bring BJ back to DJ now and then and that you kept this blog going. We loved her and we loves you too.

  5. I only recently discovered your blog so I'm glad to learn more about it. Happy anniversary and have a great new year.

  6. What a pawesome idea for a blog post! We loved going back & seeing your top 10 for 2011!!

  7. Happy anniversary, Vicki. It's a beautiful tribute to Bunny that you continued the blog and raise awareness for animals in need.