Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gracie the Rabbit Gets a Second Chance

Via - Gracie had been relegated to a tiny cage for weeks when a PETA staffer noticed her and asked her owner if she could give the rabbit a new home. Gracie's owner agreed. After all, she said, she didn't really want a rabbit companion - she'd bought Gracie to feed to her snake, but the rabbit had proved to be too big.

Gracie didn't let her harrowing start to life dampen her spirit, and she became a superstar, posing with actor Charlotte Ross in a PETA anti-fur ad. And in her new home, where she is wanted, Gracie enjoys romping through the vegetable garden and digging holes. She doesn't like it when her chicken companions try to eat her food, but the wily rabbit never hesitates to steal theirs.

While sweet Gracie got her happy ending, she would be saddened if she knew that rabbits just like her are confined to tiny cages every year in laboratories in the U.S. They have cosmetics and household cleaners dripped into their eyes. Their backs are shaved, and corrosive chemicals are painted onto their raw skin and left to burn away the tissue for weeks. Then they are killed.

Show rabbits a little grace. Buy cruelty-free products.

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Written by Michelle Sharrow
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  1. OMG - How could anyone even think of feeding that sweet rabbit to a SNAKE! That made M sick when she read it. M always shops for product that have not been tested on animals first.

  2. Gracie thank heaven for your new mom for giving you a safe home to run and play.

  3. Mario & Patti - thanks for your comments. It's beyond me how anyone could feed a live animal to a snake - mice, rats, rabbits, whatever!