Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update on Loews Universal Orlando TNR Policy

In January, I wrote a post about Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort reversing its policy on its Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. Loews announced that it had decided to end its TNR program and hired a company to trap and remove the cats. Many pet bloggers and animal lovers contacted them to protest the decision, and Loews put the decision on hold while they investigated other options.

Today I received the following comment on the original post:
URGENT UPDATE on Loews Hotels and the TNR/managed colonies living on Loews properties: Loews has recently decided to ignore the facts and data provided to them by well known authorities and animal lovers alike. Traps have now been set by Critter Control at all 3 Lowes hotel properties - Loews has stated that the cats will be "relocated" to Animal Services (the local animal control facility).

On their Facebook page, Loews Portifino Bay Hotel & Loews Royal Pacific Hotel states:

In today's post on Catster, JaneA Kelly elaborates on the situation stating:
In a four-page memo dated March 27, 2012, Loews Hotels laid out their new policy for dealing with "wild animals" like feral cats. Employees, guests, contractors, and other businesses working on Loews' Orlando properties were forbidden to feed or interact with the feral colonies in any way and were urged to report any such activities by other employees to management. Employees found in violation of this policy will be "subject to disciplinary action." Implicit in this warning is the threat that if a "LHUO team member" feeds or handles "feral or undomesticated wild animals," he or she could be fired.
JaneA also states that Loews Universal Orlando has never returned calls or emails from Alley Cat Allies or any other organization specializing in the management of feral cat colonies.

Riverfront Cats, a feral cat advocacy and care group based in Miami, is urging people to contact the hotel and speak up for the ferals. "Please call the hotel and ask to speak with [the] manager (407-503-1234). Let him or her know you have a complaint. Don't give specifics to [the] phone taker. Just demand to speak to [the] manager," and ask the questions listed on Riverfront Cats' website.

You can also keep up to date on the situation by "liking" the Save Loews Cats Facebook page.

Image via Save Loews Cats


  1. It sure would be nice if animal lovers would 'relocate' their vacation plans.

  2. Thank you for posting about this! It's all so sad. I hope we can save the kitties and convince Loews this is a horrible, horrible decision.

  3. just sad....we have liked the page and wish someone in the news or something would take notice. the head of the company claims to be for the "greater good" but pulls this. they are "relocating" the a kill shelter. they have "done the research" but refuse to talk to groups like Alley Cat Allies. just sad...and stupid.

  4. My Dad has called them, and he said they are pretty much idiots.

  5. The colony caregiver received a phone call this morning stating that one of the cats has already been trapped and sent to Animal Services. He is on his way to bail the poor kitty out, but we need to find a new home ASAP! Please contact Dorian on Facebook or Twitter if you know anyone who can take one or more cats.

  6. I have such a hard time reading about this because it just makes me sick. I don't understand their reasoning at all

  7. Four more cats were trapped and taken to OCAS. The cats were really in bad shape. They had bloody noses and were covered in urine. We suspect that Critter Control was trapping over the weekend and holding the cats in the traps - without covering them. Everyone who traps cats knows you must cover the trap with a sheet or towel to calm them. Critter Control obviously did not do this.

    These cats haven't eaten since last Wednesday! Loews Portofino Bay Hotel & Loews Royal Pacific Resort has threatened to arrest the caretaker if he is seen on the property. This is clearly inhumane treatment of these poor animals!