Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Save Loews Cats

It has now been one week since the management of Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort made the decision to trap and remove the feral cat colony on their property. In that time, five cats have been trapped and sent to Orange County Animal Services.

Volunteers from CARE Feline TNR report that the cats are in terrible condition - bruised and battered, terrified and traumatized, covered in their own urine. It is believed that the company contracted to trap the cats held them over the weekend, and they injured themselves in an effort to get out of the cages.

In addition, Loews has informed the caretaker of the cats that he may not enter the property to feed them, so it has been one week since they have had a meal. Remember, these cats are not wild animals - they are used to being fed by humans!

When a cat stops eating - either because of loss of appetite or because it is deprived of food - the liver converts body fat to energy. If the process continues too long, fat cells build up in the liver and the cat develops feline fatty acid syndrome (feline hepatic lipidosis). Left untreated, the disease has a mortality rate of 90% - cats generally die from severe malnutrition or complications from liver failure.

Florida Statute 828.13 states that any person who willingly abandons an animal and allows it to suffer injury or malnutrition is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor and may be fined up to $5,000 in addition to imprisonment. Cats residing in feral cat colonies are protected by the same Florida laws as other domestic animals. Clearly, Loews is in violation of Florida's animal cruelty law!

Please "like" Save Loews Cats on Facebook and follow @SaveLoewsCats on Twitter to stay informed about this situation. You can also help by contacting Loews Hotels and telling them that you will not support their business as long as they continue this cruel and inhumane behavior.

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  1. It gets worse and worse! Not allowing the cats caretaker to feed them is ABUSE. Can the police not be involved. Oh yeah... sorry... it's Florida.

  2. This is insane, this is brutal, this is greedy corporations at their worst. I hope their hotels suffer hugely - no wait that might hit ordinary people. I hope their shareholders hurt!

  3. I hope they have to pay $5,000 for each cat and go to jail. We can't let things like this continue. I believe in Karma so they'll get theirs.

  4. What do you expect from Florida's judicial system? They let go a mother who murdered her child, buried it in the woods and plays the innocent with the help of some shady lawyers.
    Why should they take care of cats? I bet stock and barrel that LOEW's will get away with it without any accusations or paying any fine. Unbelievable and not worth for the USA.

  5. *sigh...* WHAT will it take to make this STOP???