Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adorable Adoptables at Western PA Humane Society

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) was originally founded in 1874 to prevent cruelty and protect the lives of children, the elderly, and animals within the region.

Today they operate two shelters in Allegheny County. They work to prevent cruelty to animals, provide care to pets in need, promote adoption for homeless pets in the region, and strengthen the pet and people bond.

WPHS operates as an “open-door” shelter maintaining their commitment to never turn away an unwanted pet or homeless animal. Last year they cared for over 14,000 animals in need; rescued over 1,100 abused and neglected animals; and taught over 27,000 students about the proper way to care for animals.

Rabbits at Western PA Humane Society are cared for by experienced bunny volunteers. WPHS hosts “Bunny Romps” every Saturday at its North Side shelter where all rabbits can roam free to interact with each other and meet potential adopters.

All rabbits at WPHS are spay/neutered and microchipped. The adoption fee is $50 for either a single rabbit or bonded pair. Each adopter receives an adoption booklet with educational materials and resources provided by the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club. Here are just a few rabbits available for adoption:

Manny is a four year old neutered male Mini-Lop, whose owner didn’t have time to care for him. He is sweet and friendly, and he loves to be loved. Manny enjoys nibbling on hay, being petted by his favorite people, and spending time with other rabbits. He would make an excellent match for an adult individual, a couple, or a family with children over 7 years old.

 Marley is an 11 month old neutered male Mini Rex, who came to WPHS because his owner’s landlord didn’t allow bunnies. He would do well with adults and older, respectful children. Marley (and all bunnies) should be housed indoors to protect him from predators. He will need a cage and an indoor bunny-proofed area so he can exercise and explore.

 Dodger is a two year old neutered male English Spot, who loves to nibble on greens and relax on the couch. He prefers to not be confined to a cage and loves to run around. Dodger, like all bunnies, requires a diet of fresh water, unlimited timothy hay, dark leafy greens, and high quality pellets. He would do well in a home with adults and older children.

 If you are interested in learning more about these and other adoptable rabbits, contact Western PA Humane Society at 412-321-4625 or visit their website at

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