Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat has been postponed for many communities on the East Coast due to Hurricane Sandy; but for those of you who will be celebrating tonight, here are some great pet safety tips from our friends at Vet Street.

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You can also see the video on the Vet Street website by clicking here.


  1. OMG tried to watch but my chihuahua kept barking at my laptop! I do always worry about animals at this time of year and also at 4th of July, what with fireworks and guns going off.
    I have a black cat, Spider, and he is 7 months old and neutered, strictly indoors, but he has been desperately trying to sneak out these last two weeks or so. I guess it must be the cool weather and all the squirrels running around and leaves blowing everywhere. A few times, in the dead of night, he managed to get out and since he is black, it was impossible to see him AND he thinks he is untouchable under the vehicles. Luckily, strange sounds startle him so he will run back inside.

  2. you know what they say about curiosity and cat,keep him indoors and safe

  3. Hi Bunny's Blog:

    It's nice to touch base with you somewhere else besides Twitter. Our Halloween has also been postponed here in PA due to the weather. While I definitely think black cats should be watched closely around Halloween, I think all pets are safer inside around this holiday.

    Take care Bunny!