Monday, December 3, 2012

Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator

Bill Hennesey is involved with many pet advocacy groups and volunteers at his local animal shelter. While working at the shelter, he noticed that many of people adopting dogs had absolutely no idea about what was involved in owning a dog or the long-term costs of owning one. It upset him to see so many people bringing the dogs back after a month or two because they claimed they could not afford them or it was too much work.

So Hennesey created a cost of owning a dog calculator and is trying to get it out to the general pet, shelter and rescue community. The calculator estimates both the yearly and long-term costs involved with owning a dog.

You can help by adding this calculator to your blog or website and by sharing with your local shelter and rescue groups. There is code on the page if you would like to create your own page and give people access to this free resource.

Let’s help keep more dogs in their adoptive homes. While the cost of owning a dog isn't free, the love they have for their human family is priceless!


  1. Wow! This is just amazing and so great! My total amount was $116500 for just one dog! To be honest, I have never broken it down before, and this is amazing!

  2. Wow... it gives you something to think about. I think I underestimated, and it's still nuts!

    Christie from

  3. No wonder I am poor LOL plus I train and show dogs so my class fees, entry fees, travel expense, equipment expense for 8 dogs really adds up. Let's just say I work for them. They have their own apartment RV swimming pool, car. Plus my bed, my sofa, my kitchen.... yep I work for them. It is a great job!