Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frugal Dougal Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Today the anipal community has lost its true leader – Frugal Dougal. Dougal was a shining light for the anipals, helping us to come together and use our collective power to support animal charities throughout the world.

When I came on Twitter in January 2009, I used Bunny’s picture as my avatar. That and my love of animals immediately connected me to many other animal-loving people, including Frugal Dougal and his mom Lynn. 

The anipals, as we were later called, became a very tightly-knit group. I would jump online before and after work (and sometimes during work) to talk to my new friends. We began having virtual parties on Twitter, but Dougal, with the help of Romeo the Cat, took our parties to the next level.

Dougal developed the Pawpawty concept – 24 hour virtual fundraising events to help raise money for animal-related charities all over the world. The very first Pawpawty was held on St. Patrick’s Day 2009. From then on, we held a party for a different charity every month and over a period of three years raised over $51,000!

I am proud to say that I attended the original Pawpawty and every pawty thereafter. It was the highlight of my month, and I was always proud to tell people about the great work we were doing to help animals. But it was Frugal Dougal who made it all work – who planned the parties, recruited the volunteers, contacted the sponsors, and coordinated with the charities. Dougal was the hub of the Pawpawty wheel – and the heart and soul of the anipal community.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dougal’s mom Lynn at both BlogPaws and BarkWorld. She is a wonderful, caring person who is as much fun to be with in person as Dougal is on Twitter. And with her presentations at these conferences, she has inspired many more people to “Be the Change” for animals.

So my heart goes out to Lynn for her loss. I know how difficult is it losing a beloved companion. And I also know how the anipal community helped me with their love and support after BJC crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell Frugal Dougal – you have been and always will be my hero.


  1. What a beautiful tribute. We are leaky eyed again. We will carry on his vision and compassion for a better world for companion animals worldwide.

  2. Beautiful tribute dear friend. Dougal taught us all so much. He was an amazing doggie and an amazing leader along with the help of his mom Lynn. How very fortunate you were to have met them.

  3. Those of you who knew FD well and were around at the beginning (I relative newbie) are doing a wonderful job in stressing Frugal Dougal's importance and leadership for the Anipals. ChazzTheDog and I joined 2 years ago and have never known anything other than 24 pawties, for vetted charities, and fun fun fun for furpals of every kind. Themes, costumes, foodies, dwinkies, and moosic opened up a new world for us. And we have FrugalDougal and his Mom Lynne to thank for that visionary thinking! Thank you Frugal. Leave behind the burdens of this life and go on to the fields of green grass, lots of food, pals to romp with, painfree play will fill all your days..and as others have mentioned..we will meet again...

  4. It's such sad news, but I feel like a better person having been witness to his work for animals. Much love to Lynn during this difficult time.

  5. Touching post Vicki. FD will always be our hero,and the "wind beneath our wings". It hurts to know he's no longer with us, but his spirit will be right there in our hearts(maybe doing the Chicken Dance?)

    So many folks and their animals brought together by one little dog and his master... helping so many animals world-wide. That legacy will live on in each of us.

    Thank you FD and thank you Lynn for bringing so much good to the world.

  6. I will missing dat Dougal sumfin awfuls

  7. Each tribute I read today teaches me just a little bit more about a dog who left the most lasting impact on the lives of so many...Thank you for sharing your memories with us

  8. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful anipal. We all joined Twitter and got into the anipal community to help animals and to lend our support when needed. No-one is truly alone as long as we are united for the common goal of animals.

  9. Vicki, this is such a perfect tribute for a special dog and his mum. BJDJ and Dougal were also part our original gang on Twitter, which has changed our life forever. Thanks to you and all our pals for all the support over the last few years.
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese and Diane

  10. Rest in peace Frugal Dougal... xxx