Friday, January 4, 2013

Petco Prepares New Pet Parents with Free Seminars in January

With many families welcoming pets into their homes over the holidays, Petco is offering a number of educational seminars in January to provide free advice that will help new parents care for a pet’s whole health including their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

Physical Health 

Most pet parents know proper diet and exercise is vital. However, what a pet is fed not only affects how they feel on the inside, but also how they look on the outside. Keep in mind, every pet’s nutritional needs are different and may require a specific food type.

New pet parents are always welcome to speak to one of Petco’s Certified Nutrition Experts to get a better understanding of what food is right for their pet. In addition, Petco is inviting all pet parents to attend one of their free Skin and Coat Seminars on January 12-13. This free seminar will teach pet parents how to keep a dog’s skin healthy and coat shiny all year long.

Mental Health

Keeping a pet mentally stimulated is a must to avoid destructive behavior such as going to the bathroom in the house or destroying upholstery. Toys and puzzles will keep pets occupied and mentally stimulated for long periods so they don’t take out their boredom on furniture.

For those who need a potty training refresher or just a place to get started, Petco is offering free Potty Training Seminars on January 5-6. Qualified trainers will offer professional advice, tips and tricks to help make potty training easier and fun, while stimulating pets mentally with positive feedback.

Social Health

In addition to caring for a pet’s physical and mental health, teaching pets to interact and play well with others is essential to being a great pet parent and providing complete care. Help a new pet become the socialite they were meant to be at one of Petco’s free Puppy Socialization Seminars on January 19-20. This 30-minute constructive playtime is designed to teach valuable social skills to puppies.

Emotional Health

Every pet needs to be loved. With a staggering 5 to 7 million animals in shelters throughout the United States, Petco encourages everyone to “Think Adoption First” when bringing a new pet into the home. Giving emotional stability and love to a pet in need is one of the most rewarding things a person can do.

Stop by Petco’s National Adoption Weekend on January 5-6 to meet local shelter pets and find out if pet adoption is a good family choice. For those who aren't sure if bringing a pet into their home is the right decision, attend Petco’s Meet the Critters event on January 12-13. The event is themed “My First Pet” and will feature a variety of pets that make good first pets for a child just starting to learn responsibility.

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  1. wonderful idea! Hoping more places follow their lead. We are partial to PetCo because Cody was adopted from a rescue that had been at PetCo!