Friday, February 22, 2013

Do It Duo for Pets Still Going Strong

Via PR Web - In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left unparalleled devastation in its path, two 10 year-old girls in New Jersey decided to do something to help the animals affected by the storm.

Alexandra Dompier and Lucy Miles, the Do It Duo for Pets, collected donations from various sources and have been instrumental in feeding hundreds of pets who have been displaced and left homeless.

Since they began, they have delivered over one ton of food and supplies to various shelters in New Jersey. They have donated $400 in gift cards to Catholic Charities for their disaster response team. They gave $500 to the NJSPCA. They've been inducted as Junior Members of the Burlington County SPCA, were named Kid Heroes, and have put smiles on furry faces everywhere.

But their most special accomplishment to date is a $2,100 donation to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary in memory of a sweet child from Newtown, Conn. whom they consider their Guardian Angel.

These two 10 year-old girls have inspired both adults and children all over the world to give from the heart and help when they can. Reading some of the comments posted by their nearly 850 Facebook followers shows how endearing these two girls are to people everywhere.

One follower posted, "I am very impressed with these two young ladies, they show to be compassionate and loving and mature for their age... You girls are fabulous people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep up the good work... you will make a difference... "

And what a difference they have made! Even the Governor of New Jersey has recognized their efforts sending a letter to applaud their good works.

They are currently teaming up with the NJSPCA to distribute pet supplies directly to families who are still struggling in the hardest hit areas of the shore. And they have been asked to set up pet food pantries for both the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

They collect funds and donations through their PayPal account and an Amazon wish list. And they proudly display their new logo on buttons and car magnets, which are given to their donors.

When asked what they think about all of the recognition, Alex said, "All of the recognition is nice. But the real reason we like it is because it brings more awareness to our cause and more people to help the animals, which is really why we started all of this in the first place."

Lucy says they are honored to be working with so many "pawesome" people and will help as many animals as they can. So they will continue to give their famous "paws up shout out" to all who donate. And they won't stop until every animal is fed.

Lucy and Alex, with their hearts of gold and selfless dedication, should be an inspiration to one and all. To follow them on their journey, visit their Facebook page at


  1. This is a wonderful story! The girls follow their heart, and look what happens. I am sure as this story gets around, they will be loved by all who love animals.