Thursday, February 28, 2013 Partners with Pet Food Stamps Program

Via PR Newswire - is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with a new charitable program for pets called Pet Food Stamps.

Pet Food Stamps aims to provide pet food for families who receive public assistance and who otherwise could not afford to feed their pets.

Based in New York City, the program is open to anyone in the United States. More than 80,000 pets have already been registered according to the program founder and executive director, Marc Okon.

“We have always tried to find ways to save money for our customers, but also provide aid to animals in need whenever possible,” said Alex Zhardanovsky, co-founder of

“After seeing the generosity of our customers during Hurricane Sandy, when customers placed thousands of orders to be sent to shelters in affected areas, we have been searching for a way to make a an even bigger impact.”

“When we connected with Marc, we knew immediately that his goals of making a significant difference aligned well with ours. We are excited to partner with a non-profit like Pet Food Stamps. ”

The Pet Food Stamps program, which launched in February 2013, has a mission of providing pet food to those receiving public assistance and who are unable to provide adequate food to their pets.

By providing pet food assistance, the possibility of having to surrender a pet to a shelter or taking away a child’s best friend due to a strained financial status is removed, and thus the family unit is strengthened.

There are many social programs designed to help people, but few designed to care for pets. The Pet Food Stamps program fills that void.

The Pet Food Stamps program has received over 45,000 applications in two weeks of operation and had their website crash numerous times due to traffic overload.

For more information on the Pet Food Stamps program, visit


  1. That response certainly shows how many people are in need. I think this could be a super valuable way for families facing hard times to keep their beloved pets.

  2. Pet Food Stamps has long been needed! Great partnership.

  3. What a great program and one my peeps may be needing soon, I'm afraid.

  4. Thank goodness they put this together! I can't imagine how painful it would be not to be able to afford to care for Buster or Ty and have to give them up. So many people and pets will be saved.