Sunday, March 24, 2013

Animal Friends Presents: The Seeing Eye Cat

As you can see by this video, cats are bad at being guide animals, but they're good at being your best friend! Come. Play. Heal. Help Animal Friends turn homeless pets into best friends. View adoptable animals today at

Animal Friends is a non-profit companion animal resource center serving the needs of pets and people since 1943. Their progressive programs have been nationally recognized and include humane rescue, shelter and adoption services, humane education, pet behavior classes, pet-assisted therapy, wellness programs and more.

In addition, Animal Friends is leading the way towards ending pet overpopulation in western Pennsylvania through comprehensive, community-wide spay/neuter programming. Animal Friends is supported by donors, volunteers and a staff dedicated to ensuring the well-being of companion animals, while ending overpopulation, abuse and unwarranted euthanasia.

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