Thursday, March 7, 2013 Launches Dog Match-Up Tool

Via PR Newswire - DogTime Media recently announced that its flagship website has launched a new feature that helps align shelter animals with people considering owning a dog.

The Dog Match-Up Application asks a series of carefully crafted questions that help match a person's lifestyle, activity level, patience, personality, work schedule, age, health, allergies and living environment with the ideal purebred or mixed breed dog. The new application takes into consideration children or any other pets living in the home, the geographic location, expectations for training, and even tolerance for drool.

"There are thousands of wonderful dogs sitting in shelters across the country waiting for the right person and our new Dog Breed Match-Up feature greatly increases the chances of them finding one another," said DogTime Media CEO Simon Tonner. "By asking the right questions we're able to find a better match and reduce the number of adopted dogs that are returned to shelters."

The Dog Match-Up tool recommends the top 5 most suitable breeds and then seamlessly integrates with DogTime's popular adoptable animal finder site that presents videos, photos and descriptions of 100,000 adoptable animals. Users are linked with dogs that match the recommendations and are currently in shelters near their home.

Social media features and an email tool are built into the results page so that dogs can be easily shared with friends or loved ones who may be involved in the decision to adopt.

DogTime Media is the largest vertical media community focused exclusively on pet owners and the $53 billion dollar annual pet market. DogTime Media reaches 55 million monthly users via its community of 545 leading pet-focused websites, 610 pet bloggers and more than 3,000 rescue groups, anchored by its own and

DogTime Media actively supports the efforts of rescue groups and shelters nationwide to significantly reduce the number of homeless and neglected pets in the country by providing authoritative advice to both novice and experienced pet guardians. DogTime Media has donated over $275,000 to pet related causes through monthly grants and a variety of other programs. Privately held DogTime Media is based in San Francisco, California.

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