Sunday, March 17, 2013

P.L.A.Y. & Nebo Team Up to Support Pet Rescue

Nebo, an award-winning digital marketing agency, and P.L.A.Y., makers of high quality dog beds, recently announced their newest joint effort called the Rescue Pledge. The pledge was designed to inspire and encourage pet lovers to demonstrate their support for rescue shelters and shelter animals.

At first glance, Nebo and P.L.A.Y. have little in common. The two companies operate in different time zones, within different industries and for different clientele. One thing they share, however, is a passion for animal welfare.

“With a number of rescue pups in the P.L.A.Y. pack, we understand firsthand the obstacles many shelter pets face and can’t think of a better cause to support,” said Deborah Feng, co-founder of P.L.A.Y. “The Rescue Pledge makes it easy for dog lovers around the world to show their support and dedication to changing these perceptions and saving lives.”

By taking the online pledge, users agree to support adoption from rescue shelters, avoid unlicensed breeders, become educated about minimum standards of pet care, report abuse or neglect, and give back to the community by donating to or volunteering at animal shelters.

After registering, pledgers receive a digital badge to share the cause with friends and family. They also gain the opportunity to publish their own pet adoption story on the Rescue Pledge website. To take the Rescue Pledge or share your story, visit

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) is a San Francisco-based company redefining the pet bed experience. Unable to find the perfect bed for their picky pug, founders Will and Deb set on a mission to create beds that are not only comfy for pets, but also stylish AND better for our planet. Partnering with artists from San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, P.L.A.Y. creates exclusive and stylish eco-friendly pet beds. To view P.L.A.Y.’s award-winning Artist and Original Collections, visit

Nebo is a human-centered interactive agency. They believe that great work comes from understanding the needs, wants and perceptions of the target audience. This human-centered approach informs everything they do. With expertise in interactive marketing strategy, web design, user experience, search engine optimization, pay per click management, conversion rate optimization and content management systems, Nebo has helped its clients achieve their digital goals. Visit for more information.

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  1. And we the public need to support companies that do this., Great post.