Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hartz offers free pet ID tags during National Pet ID Month

Via PRWeb - For many pet parents, the thought of their dog or cat becoming lost is too difficult to bear, which is why many choose to invest in pet identification tags as a reliable method of having their companion returned to them.

Recent research has shown that close to 80 percent of pet parents believe that pet ID tags are important, but only one in three actually keep their pet collared and tagged at all times.

As a way to educate pet owners on the importance of pet ID tags, April has been dubbed National Pet ID Month and encourages individuals to invest in proper tags and collars to increase the chances of their pet being returned to them if it ever becomes lost.

A recent study has determined there are a variety of reasons why pet owners avoid keeping their pets collared and tagged. ASPCA researchers in Oklahoma City followed 109 dogs and cats who had been fitted with collars and tags after adoption.

After two months, the study authors caught up with the pet owners and found that 84 percent of the pets were still wearing their tags. For the individuals who weren't using them, they responded with a series of reasons like animal discomfort with collars, losing the tags or avoiding them altogether due to living in a remote location.

In addition, many pet parents believe that if their pet lives primarily indoors, they're far less likely to escape and become lost. In fact, during the study, 18 pets were reported lost and 17 of them were returned home. Not surprisingly, more than half of the lost pets were returned to their owners thanks to the information found on the pet ID tags.

Hartz created the free pet ID tag offer over 11 years ago in an effort to spread awareness of the importance of pet identification tags and make it easier for pet parents to safeguard their companions. These personalized tags are made from stainless steel and include all relevant personal information that can help get your pet back to you.

The tags are free and pet owners only have to pay shipping and handling to gain peace of mind throughout the month of April and beyond.

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