Saturday, April 6, 2013

Petco shares top spring cleaning tips for pet parents

From drool to hair to litter, Petco’s recent Facebook survey confirmed what many of us already know… pets are messy! In spite of this, people love their pets, so what is one to do to get rid of the associated "ick"? Simply follow these spring-cleaning tips from Petco!

Problem #1: You Don’t Want a Fur Coat

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, 32 percent of pet parents said dog shedding and cat shedding is one of the major drawbacks to owning a pet. Reduce shedding by brushing a pet’s coat at least once a week. Not only will this help remove excess hair, but it also helps cultivate an emotional bond between the pet and pet parent. Proper nutrition can also assist in minimizing the amount of hair that is shed.

Problem #2: Do Not Enter the Disaster Zone

One tenth of pet owners in Petco’s survey admitted cleaning up destroyed toys all around the house was their biggest pet peeve. Use springtime to refresh and disinfect old toys. This helps a pet’s complete health and diminishes the germs they are exposed to. It’s also a good idea to wash a dog or cat’s beds and stuffed animal toys. If they are completely destroyed, replace them before they cause harm to a pet’s physical health.

Problem #3: No One Wants to Get Slimed

Although some dog breeds are prone to drooling, other breeds salivate as a response to a certain situation. Some dogs may drool as a response to watching people eat. For a pet’s safety, it’s important to never feed table scraps, and it may help reduce drooling if the pet leaves the room while the family eats. Keep them occupied and mentally stimulated with a puzzle toy or game that will keep them distracted from the food on the table.

Problem #4: Smelly House

Walking into a house that smells of pets is never pleasant. Regular bathing keeps a pet physically healthy while controlling pet dander and allergies. Bathing a dog once a month and using pet wipes in between baths will also help eliminate dirt on its skin and coat. Sometimes even cats need baths. If an outdoor cat is dirty or needs a flea bath, water becomes a necessary evil. Using pet wipes on older cats can help clean the areas they are no longer able to reach.

Problem #5: The Itch Factor

Take a three-pronged approach fighting fleas. The first step is to protect your pet. Although bathing pets in a flea bath helps, many pet owners find it helpful to use an additional preventative medication. Topical products are successful in repelling fleas and killing those who have already made a home on a pet. In addition to protecting the pet, it’s also important to guard the home from these pesky creatures to avoid your pet being re-exposed. Lastly, treat the yard to ensure the house and pet are kept clean and pest free.

Problem #6: Sand Belongs at the Beach

The beach is a favorite destination as the weather warms up, but having one around your cat’s litter box is less than pleasant. Petco fans admitted to cleaning a beach load of sand outside the litter box. Make the switch to a self-cleaning or fully contained litter box. These products help keep the litter where it’s meant to be. Plus, disinfecting a cat’s litter box will keep it fresh and clean for even the pickiest kitties.

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