Thursday, May 23, 2013

American Humane Association mobilizes Red Star Rescue Team to help Okla. animals

Via PR Newswire - American Humane Association is driving its famed Red Star Animal Emergency Services team into storm-ravaged Moore, Okla. to help animals who need rescue and shelter in the wake of the devastating tornado.

Following storm tracking on their mobile command centers, inside the 82-foot Red Star Rescue Rig and 50-foot "Lois Pope LIFE Rescue Vehicle" will serve as base and housing for its specially trained staff and volunteers.

American Humane Association's Red Star program has nearly a century-long legacy of animal relief experience and is reaching out with critical help and on-the-ground rescue and support services, along with the generous support of its partners.

Mars Petcare, makers of PEDIGREE Food for Dogs and WHISKAS Food for Cats, is sponsoring the deployment of the giant Rescue Rig and donating critical food supply.

Banfield Pet Hospital, a business of Mars, Incorporated, is supplying veterinary care, along with Zoetis, which is supplying vitally needed medicines.

Philanthropist Lois Pope, country music star Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation and American Humane Association supporters across the country who sent in donations for the relief effort are also supporting this effort.

Logistics are being provided by Rescue Bank, Mars Petcare's partner for donation shipment. Rescue Bank manages a nationwide network of non-profit distribution centers delivering donated pet food to rescues, shelters and social service agencies.

Supported by Mars Petcare, the 82-foot-long Red Star Rescue Rig is fully equipped with a mobile operating theater, emergency rescue equipment, and accommodations for 12 volunteers.

The convoy also features the inaugural rescue mission of the 50-foot "Lois Pope LIFE Rescue Vehicle," carrying rescue apparatus, food and medical supplies, snap-together kennels for extending or creating animal shelters, food bowls and other items to keep animals safe and cared for. Manned by four certified and specially trained responders and certified Red Star volunteers, the vehicle can shelter up to 100 animals.

With the help of MuttNation Foundation, Red Star was invited by the State of Oklahoma to deploy as an approved first-responder to assist pets in need and to help provide emergency rescue operations, sheltering and much-needed care to these innocent animal victims.

The Red Star Rescue Rig will leave its home base in Denver today and is expected to arrive Thursday evening to begin setting up an emergency shelter at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. The Lois Pope LIFE Rescue Vehicle is en route from its home base in Palm Beach and will arrive Thursday morning.

For those in need of assistance, veterinary care and pet food supplies, visit the Red Star Rescue Rigs at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds at 615 E Robinson St. in Norman, Okla.

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