Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be the Change for Pets: Paws 4 OK

Team Up For OklahomaMonday's tornado in Moore, Okla. has caused tremendous damage, and there are many people and pets in the area who have been affected.

World Vets is collaborating with BlogPaws, AAHA and local organizations to send supplies based on their needs both now and in the coming weeks. Their goal is to provide direct support to local humane organizations and/or veterinary clinics in a meaningful way.

BlogPaws has put out a call to action via the Blogger Disaster Response Network. BlogPaws will match the first $1,000 raised by the BlogPaws community. Pet360 has also pledged a $1,000 donation to support the pets in need following this tragedy.

You can make a donation to World Vets here, or you can make a donation directly to the local organizations:

You can follow updates regarding this combined effort at the BlogPaws website.


  1. I put the badge on my blog also. Last I saw, they were almost at $2000. Yay!

  2. Such an awful time for those hit by this disaster