Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Petplan finds furry friends are favored over two-legged travel companions

Via PRWeb - According to an online survey conducted by Petplan pet insurance, summer vacationers are increasingly choosing to embark with the family pets in tow.

Whether the trip is an overnight jaunt or an extended journey, more than 78 percent of respondents reported that they bring their four-legged friends along when they travel – up 8 percent from last year.

But in a surprising twist, 52 percent of pet parents admitted they would rather see Fluffy or Fido in the passenger seat than their two-legged travel companions!

As pleasant purrs and wagging tails are increasingly becoming essential elements of family getaways, Petplan asked pet parents to spill the details about their travels with four-legged family members:

All Over the Map – When it comes to picking a pet-friendly destination, the horizon’s the limit: 61 percent of surveyed pet parents said they would be willing to wander more than 200 miles with their four-legged friends. For the most part, though, those trips are domestic, as 92 percent of respondents reported their furry friends do not have a “passport” for traveling abroad.

Visits and Vacations – Most pets visit with family and friends (58 percent), which is why their homes are the most popular place to stay. But 24 percent also tag along to vacation destinations, sharing space in a pet-friendly hotel or resort; camping in a cabin or tent; or staying in a rental property. And when it comes to activities, popular pet pastimes include hiking, walking or jogging; lounging and being pampered; playing with fellow furry friends; swimming or splashing; and sampling local cuisine.

Sweet Souvenirs – Pet parents are also including furry friends in this time-honored travel tradition, and 65 percent report buying mementos for their pets. One lucky dog got a bed made from an antique wine barrel! Other keepsakes include stuffed larger-than-life stuffed toys, sports jerseys from local teams, treats made from local ingredients, and even hand-painted portraits.

Homeward Bound – Of course, there are some furry friends who prefer to stay cozy in the comfort of their own home while their pet parents explore. But don't fret about these pets! The majority have someone dropping by to look after them, while others put their paws up at the home of a two-legged family member or friend, or stay at pet hotel or boarding facility.

“As pet parents, we would travel to the ends of the earth to keep our pets healthy. Likewise, we'd do anything to keep them happy – and as the survey results show, that includes sharing our out-of-town adventures with them,” says Natasha Ashton, co-founder and Co-CEO of Petplan.

For tips and information on how to keep your pets safe and healthy while traveling, visit http://www.gopetplan.com/.

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  1. We use to go everywhere with our peoples but now with Pip being 16 we don't go anywhere anymore. We feel it is better for her. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly