Thursday, July 25, 2013

SlimDoggy releases SlimDoggy Lite, no-cost iPhone app

Via PRWeb - SlimDoggy has announced the release of SlimDoggy Lite, a free tool providing dog owners with the personalized information they need to ensure that their dog achieves and maintains a proper and healthy weight.

SlimDoggy Lite, which is an ad-supported version of the SlimDoggy app, allows dog owners to log their dog’s exercise activities and tells them exactly how many calories they should feed their pet each day, no matter how active their pet is.

Like the SlimDoggy App, the Lite version helps answer two critical questions for dog owners:
  1. What am I feeding my dog?
  2.  How much should I feed them?

“We are often asked about making our technology and data more readily available. Using an advertising-supported model, we are now able to provide our app free of charge,” said Founder and CEO, Steve Pelletier.

“Two of the most important decisions a pet owner faces each day is how much and what they feed their dog. Proper diet – feeding the correct amount of the right kind of food – is the major determinant of a pet’s weight and overall health. Now everyone can determine how many calories to feed their dog to keep them fit, trim and healthy.”

Keeping your dog at a healthy and lean weight can improve the quality of a dog’s life and possibly even extend their life. Research shows that lean dogs can outlive overweight dogs by about 15 percent or almost 2 years depending on the breed. Overweight dogs can also cost pet owners a lot of money – several hundred to several thousand dollars a year in extra food and medical costs.

“As a veterinarian and a dog owner, I know that keeping your dog fit and trim is key component to their overall health. The SlimDoggy app and website both provide valuable information for pet owners who want to keep their dog healthy,” said Dr. Katy Nelson, a veterinarian and host and executive producer of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy. “I encourage all dog owners to check out their site and download the app.”

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  1. Thanks for the post Bunny! We hope lots of people take advantage of the free App and help us get the dogs of the world in tip top shape!

    1. My pleasure - I would love to see more people help their pups become fit and healthy!