Monday, August 5, 2013

Pets Add Life: Wet Dog

The Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership, thus driving increased adoption of pets and responsible ownership of pets.

Produced by the American Pet Products Association , the campaign includes a series of popular "talking animal" videos. PAL has just released the latest video - this time featuring one very wet and grumpy dog!

Multiple pets in a household benefit the whole family! From added companionship to health benefits, adding another pet to your life is a positive step for both animals and owners.

Just as it’s important for humans to have meaningful relationships, pets can also benefit immensely from additional animal companions. Giving your pet a friend allows it to interact with other animals, which results in a more active and social animal. Studies have even shown that multiple pets can help ease a pet’s separation anxiety from its owner, as well as revitalize older animals when a new pet is introduced.

Most pet owners are aware of the joys and benefits of having a loyal animal companion. Many however, might not realize that pets offer more than companionship…they can provide health advantages to their owners too! Research suggests that pets help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and fight stress and depression.

The benefits of owning a pet continue to increase, as do the benefits of owning multiple pets. For more information, visit