Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BlogPaws Disaster Response Network: Help for Colorado Pets

I received the following email on Monday from the BlogPaws Team regarding the flooding in Colorado:

With the BlogPaws headquarters located in Frederick, Colo., we are closer to this tragedy than we have been to any before. The office stayed dry, thankfully, but the surrounding roads have been closed for days and many are completely washed out. The images of places we traveled and sites we visited on a regular basis are heartbreaking. It's not over yet and the road ahead is going to be a long one.

A few current numbers for you in this tragedy:
  • 21 helicopters were being used Monday for evacuations
  • 11,750 people have been evacuated
  • 8 people have lost their lives
  • 658 people are still unaccounted for 
  • 2,377 agricultural properties have been affected
  • 36 shelters are now open serving hundreds of people and pets
  • Flood conditions are spread across 200 miles covering 15 counties

There are many places right now that need help. BlogPaws is supporting their efforts to raise awareness and funds as described in this post.

We are sharing this badge to help raise awareness and let people know what they can do to help the pets affected by the floods. BlogPaws also works with some great pet brands who care and who are doing their part to help.

First, Tuesday, September 17, Freekibble is donating 100% of the Halo kibble raised to benefit those affected by the floods in Colorado. Visit www.freekibble.com and www.freekibblekat.com and answer the trivia questions. All of the Halo Spot's Stew earned will be donated to Colorado shelters assisting people and pets impacted by the floods.

Second, Hill's Pet Nutrition is working to enact their Disaster Relief Network and shared this with us, "At Hill's we want to help those who are affected by the floods in Colorado so we have activated our Hill's Disaster Relief Network to provide needed dog and cat food to the area. Right now food is on its way to several veterinary hospitals, and we will continue to be in touch with our veterinary and shelter partners in Colorado. All of the pets and pet parents are in our thoughts."

We've seen several stories about how veterinary hospitals have stepped up to help injured pets and lost pets. In some ways during a crisis, they become a shelter. One heart touching story recently shared on the news was about a 12 year old dog that got away from his family and was thought to be gone. He ended up being found the next day floating on a log, dehydrated, hungry and scared, but alive. A local vet in Johnston, Colo. took him in and took care of him. During times like this one can really feel a true sense of community.

There is no obligation with all of this information, merely a request and a hope you will join us in a community focus. We know each and every animal lover out there is sending love to Colorado.

Thank you for all each of you does for pets throughout the year.
The BlogPaws Team

Please share this information on your blog and with your social network. The people and animals in Colorado need your help!