Friday, September 13, 2013

Favorite Video Friday: Abby's New Beginning

Sweet, loyal Abby almost didn't get a second chance. After being rescued from a horrible life in a dogfighting ring, she was in danger of being killed because she displayed aggression toward other dogs.

Even when she was tested with a stuffed dog, Abby would run at it and wrestle it to the ground. Though she would never actually bite or inflict any physical damage on the test subject, the unusual behavior was enough to put her own life at risk.

But the rescue organization that was working with Abby saw something special in the traumatized dog. Because she is so smart, and so good with people, they knew she could be rehabilitated.

She just needed to learn how to trust and how to respond appropriately in new situations before she could successfully transition to life as a family pet. So the organization reached out to Best Friends to help save her.

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets.

At the core of Best Friends' work is the dream that one day kindness will replace cruelty and animals will no longer be destroyed because they are unwanted or imperfect. Spaying and neutering will be the rule for all pets and adoption will be the first option for everyone.

The society's leading initiatives in animal care and community programs are coordinated from its Kanab, Utah headquarters, the country's largest no-kill sanctuary. This work is made possible by the personal and financial support of a grassroots network of supporters and community partners across the nation.

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  1. OMg! Abby is just so precious!! I am such a sucker for an underbite! :) Hope she finds a home soon!