Sunday, December 8, 2013

7 things you may not know about your cat

Here's an entertaining video by BuzzFeed. However, my question to you cat ladies and guys is: Is it factually correct?



  1. I've heard all of those before except the fact that ALL cats carry bartonella.. I don't think that one is completely true, because I've been scratched oh so many times and I never got cat scratch fever..

    Yup, a quick google search proves it. 40% of cats will have it at some point in their life.. meaning not all carry it at all time..

    1. I wasn't sure about that one, but my brother did have cat scratch fever in high school.

  2. I had cat scratch fever in high school, too. Put me in the hospital for a week while the surgeon decided if I needed to have that soft ball sized lymph node removed or just let it continue to drain while being hooked up to IV antibiotics. I was in an Air Force base hospital. It sucked.

  3. I had cat scratch disease last year--it was extremely unpleasant! :-\

    I don't believe the thing about cats being unable to taste sweet things, because my cats always try to go after my vegan chocolate peanut butter. (Also, my cats only eat vegan food.)

    That thing about cats marking people grossed me out a bit...would be nice if that one wasn't true. I like to think that they're just fluffing your lap up to get comfortable.

    ~*Kristin Star*