Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tales of Survival: Thumper the walker kitten

Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected. Thumper would have died for sure, because it was soon discovered, he couldn't walk because of a neurological disorder.

His foster mom had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking. Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running.

Special thanks to People and Cats Together (PACT). PACT is an all volunteer organization located in the Los Angeles area. They were founded and established in 1981, and they were the first group ever to be welcomed into a Petco store to do cat adoptions.

PACT is devoted to their own rescue efforts, the rescue efforts of people who need help with placements, and people - who for whatever reason - choose to give up their cats. They fund local spay/neuter clinics and lend humane traps for TNR free of charge to people wishing to help curb the feral cat population.

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  1. A wonderful story. Thank you for this, Vicki!

  2. That is so cool! We've known of a dog with a wheelchair before, but we never heard of a cat with a walker!

  3. Such a little sweetheart, and such wonderful people helping him. He definitely deserves a fantastic forever home!

  4. By far this is the best video I've seen in a while!!! Isn't it remarkable how easy it was for him to master that walked, then, even more outstanding was when he went it alone...never never underestimate any being with determination!!! Thanks so much Vicky for your love and care of a feline super giant!!!
    Hugs & Purrs,