Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MWD Matty reunited with Army Specialist Brent Grommet

More than one year ago, Brent Grommet and his warrior dog Matty were separated after returning from Afghanistan. Brent was wounded in battle and expected to adopt Matty, but due to bureaucratic error or negligence, Matty was adopted by another family.

Because of the hard work by Brent and his father Don with help from American Humane Association, VFW, the news media and members of Congress, Brent and Matty were reunited on Friday, November 14th.

"I'm beyond happy. It's like a dream," said Grommet in a phone interview with ABC11. "You never expect things to work out this well."

Spc. Grommet was separated from Matty when they returned from a deployment in July 2013. Grommet returned to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, to be treated for brain and spinal cord injuries as well as PTSD. Matty was transferred to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for a torn ACL.

In an interview in July, Grommet said he'd submitted paperwork and been approved to adopt Matty following their recoveries, only to find out Matty had been adopted by a civilian.

Grommet and his father pleaded for the owner to return the dog or accept payment for it. They said the reunion was essential to Grommet's recovery.

By Friday night, Don Grommet said the family was brought to Fayetteville, where they were able to pick up Matty from a third party. That family agreed to reunite Grommet with Matty in their home.

"He's doing great," said Spc. Grommet. "I actually kept every bit of gear, toys, food bowl and everything. He's loving all his toys he didn't think existed anymore. I broke them out this morning."

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