Saturday, November 29, 2014

Service dog changes little girl's life

Sadie has autism as well as a mitochondrial disorder, which makes it difficult for her to walk. When Tender Loving Canines trained Solar to be a service dog for her, she found much more than a helper, she found a best friend.

Tender Loving Canines began as a small non-profit, all volunteer organization in 1998 with a goal to train service dogs for those seeking a fuller, more independent life. At the time, the demand was for dogs who could assist with mobility, seizures, cerebral palsy, Tourette syndrome and hearing issues. 

Responding to the needs of a changing world, Tender Loving Canines now endeavors to focus their high standards of service dog training in two specific arenas. The first of these is the Leash-On-Life Program, developed to assist children and families who have been impacted by autism. The second is the At Ease Program, created to serve the needs of our country's Wounded Warriors.

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  1. How wonderful. Every dog needs a job. And every child needs a friend.

    I remember wondering how a single mom with three kids, one of whom was non-verbal and autistic would deal with the rambunctious dog they adopted. But the autistic boy bonded with the dog and found someone who helped to calm his frustrations. Making life easier for his mom too.

    I'll never underestimate the power of the human/dog bond ever again.