Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lil BUB’s Big Fund distributes over $200,000 to organizations nationwide

Via - The ASPCA and feline phenomenon Lil BUB announced an additional 69 recipients of grant funding awarded in December 2015 through Lil BUB’s Big Fund for the ASPCA. Since the fund started in 2014, over $200,000 has been distributed via 136 grants to 124 organizations nationwide.

“Ever since the very first BUB shirt was sold three and a half years ago, BUB and I have made a point to contribute a portion of every sale to animals in need. Little did I know then that she would become one of the most inspirational and influential pets on the planet,” said Mike Bridavsky, Lil BUB’s dude.

“Despite all the incredible stuff we've been able to do - from starring in movies, to working with the First Lady, to writing books, to traveling the country - the most rewarding part is BUB's ability to help raise awareness and funds for animals in need. Lil BUB's Big Fund is without question the most important thing that I've done with my life, but it certainly wouldn't be possible without the hard work of the generous folks at the ASPCA. I am forever grateful to BUB, the ASPCA, and all of our supporters for helping us make a big difference in the lives of homeless pets nationwide.”

“Through the generosity of Lil BUB’s fans, we have together helped hundreds of very special cats and dogs across the country,” said Adam Liebling, director of grants management at the ASPCA. “We are happy to partner with Lil BUB and her fans to help fund worthy programs across the country that help the most vulnerable.”

One hundred percent of donations collected for Lil BUB’s Big Fund for the ASPCA are distributed as grants to animal welfare organizations to support homeless pets that need special care or extra help getting adopted due to conditions such as: physical deformity, birth defects, developmental disability, mobility impairment, blindness, deafness, wounds suffered from a disaster, accident, or abuse, any permanent diseases or chronic illnesses and old age.

For a list of the latest organizations receiving support from Lil BUB’s Big Fund, visit the ASPCA website.

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